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About Us

Proint is a global investment company, specialized for moving in on key. We offer solutions on real estate area from start to finish. We add an additional value to real estates which we offer on the market; we offer the whole changes and solutions on real estate and renovations of these also.

We are active on 3 areas of real estate business:

Our 3 bussines activities encourage a creative atmosphere in Proint company and help to be in a contact with all the conditions on all the areas of real estates.

PROint real estate solutions, lead by the most innovative professionals in this industry with established cooperators.

A vision of a company for the future is based on our principles of quality, innovation and wholeness. We reward everyone with moving in on key.

Our strategie incorporates the growth through the newest tecnologies and shapings for our present and future apartments which are known all over the world.

We use this kind of knowledge and depth skills for each client. The succes is shown in our long term clients. If you are an institution or an individual, we will adapt the strategies to reach an additional value.